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A Guide To Security Deposits [Dynamic Doc]
Provides a simple explanation of the rights and responsibilities of landlords and tenants concerning the security deposit.

A Tenant's Right to Repairs [Dynamic Doc]
Having trouble getting your landlord to fix something? Look here for tips on how to get the repairs that you are entitled to under state law.

Before You Move In - What You Should Know [Dynamic Doc]
Questions to ask before you rent, and tips on how to protect yourself during your lease.

Before You Move Out - What You Should Know [Dynamic Doc]
Information on cleaning up, transferring your utilities, and subletting.

Before You Rent: What Every Tenant Needs To Know [Dynamic Doc]
Gives prospective tenants a general overview of some practical ways to avoid problems later on with their landlord or rental unit.

Discrimination in Rental Housing [Dynamic Doc]
Find information on the basics of rental housing discrimination through this resource.

Eviction [Dynamic Doc]
The most important topics regarding eviction of tenants from rental housing.

Eviction, Illegal Eviction and Utility Access [Dynamic Doc]
Rights of tenants and landlords; court ordered vs. improper self help evictions and tenants' entitlement to utilities.

Evictions for Nonpayment of Rent [Dynamic Doc]
This brochure is intended to help tenants understand the eviction process if they are being evicted for nonpayment of rent.

Evictions for Termination of Tenancy [Dynamic Doc]
Brief overview of the eviction process for Michigan renters whose tenancy is being terminated

Housing Inspections [Dynamic Doc]
If your home has housing code violations, the local inspection department can put pressure on your landlord to fix the problems.

Your landlord cannot force you to move out without a court order - and more important points about the rights of tenants.

Landlord-Tenant and Land Contract Court Forms [URL]
These forms should be filed in District Court. Use the Court Locations tab above to find the address of your District Court.

Landlord-Tenant Economics [Dynamic Doc]
How landlords make money off of tenants; find out how much your apartment is worth.

Leases [Dynamic Doc]
What is the difference between a written and verbal lease? A fixed-term and a month-to-month lease? What are illegal lease clauses? Want to break a lease? Read this section.

Mobile Home Park Tenants Rights [Dynamic Doc]
Discussion of landlord tenant rights in a manufactured home community supplemented by useful links to community and government resources.

Organizing a Tenants Union [Dynamic Doc]
There really is power in numbers! Organized tenants can address building-wide or complex-wide problems more effectively than individual tenants.

Privacy [Dynamic Doc]
Tired of your landlord walking in unannounced at all times of the day and night? Read here to find out what you can do.

Property Tax Foreclosure [Dynamic Doc]
Information for Washtenaw County tenants affected by property tax foreclosures.

Renters' Rights [URL]
Information on evictions, access to utilities, security deposits, and property maintenance issues

Subsidized Housing [Dynamic Doc]
Get to know the basics of subsidized housing, including Section 8 vouchers and cooperative housing through this resource.

Surviving Eviction [Dynamic Doc]
Explanation of basic rights and important precautions for tenants facing eviction.

Tenants & Landlords - A Practical Guide [Dynamic Doc]
General guide to landlord tenant law in Michigan with sample forms and letters. 2003 Update.

Tenants of Manufactured Home Communities: Frequently Asked Questions [Dynamic Doc]
addresses common issues on leases, costs and evictions in mobile home parks.

Top Five Ways Landlords Mislead, Deceive & Otherwise Cheat Students [Dynamic Doc]
Information on how landlords use security deposit fraud, failure to maintain the premises, cleaning deposits, privacy violations, and lack of heat to cheat students. A great resource for non-students as well.

Writing to Your Landlord [Dynamic Doc]
Sample letters to help resolve housing problems and disputes

Your security deposit is your money until the landlord proves otherwise [Dynamic Doc]
Timetable and notes for moving out and getting your deposit back.